May 30, 2012

May 29, 2012  Day 18                                  Total miles to date:  454.34

What a day on the ocean!  We left Atlantic City at 7:00am with Quest and Moor $tuff heading to Hoffman’s Marina in Manasquan, NJ.  The waves weren’t bad to start with but within 2 or 3 hours we were in 5-7 ft. swells. This made for an uncomfortable ride.  I thought everything was well stowed and secured, but a wooden item fell on the glass cooktop stove and shattered it.  So now we have to replace the stove! 
We did have a few fun moments when we spotted a whale!  We saw the big splash about a mile off our bow and eventually ran parallel to us. He flipped over a few times and we could only get photos of his fin sticking up!  Nevertheless we were happy to see him. 

We entered the Manasquan Inlet at 2:30 and docked at Hoffman’s Marina which is right next to the railroad bascule bridge. The bridge stays open except when a train is coming – which was frequent!  This area has an incredibly strong current!

We were all exhausted after our bronco ride on the ocean and decided to pool our resources and have a spaghetti dinner on Quest.  It was good to finally relax and make plans for the next day.

Railroad Bascule Bridge
Hoffman's Maina Manasquan, NJ