February 2, 2016

February 2, 2015  Day 72  South for the Winter 2015-16
Legacy Harbour Marina
Ft. Myers, FL

This posting is mostly about food!  Another incredibly busy week has passed since we updated the blog, and we seemed to have eaten our way through it.

Last Wednesday, we drove (in the rain) to Marco Island to meet some friends who are currently on the Loop. Gail and Jeff are on YOLO, another Californian 45 and who are also from Virginia. We had a wonderful visit with them on their boat. Then we drove around the Island trying to find a restaurant. We either couldn’t find parking or couldn’t get in without a reservation. Then finally we found Verdi’s and got their last available table. The food was excellent and worth the wait.  We eventual drove Jeff and Gail back to YOLO and then headed back to Ft. Myers after a delightful visit!

On Saturday, Bob (Bill’s brother) and Debbie drove down for the day. We had lunch on the boat and then walked downtown to attend “Taps and Tunes”, a craft beer and music festival.  We tried a few varieties of beer and walked around for a while in Centennial Park. After returning to Carried Away to visit for a while, we decided to walk back downtown for an early dinner. We were able to get a table at Ford’s Garage, a very popular spot in Ft. Myers!  We are glad it is within walking distance because finding parking on a weekend is not to be had!

We met ten other Looper friends for breakfast on Sunday morning at Clancey’s. We never seem to run out of topics to discuss!  Then, later that afternoon we went to Barb and Skip’s lovely condo for dinner and a fun round of cards.   We had such a great time with them.

This evening we went out to dinner with Rick and Margi and had good barbecue at The Lodge, in downtown Ft. Myers.

We have also been working hard to complete projects on the boat. Our broker returned today and took a video of the boat as part of the marketing process. We will now be listed on Yacht World.

On a personal note, we are leaving on Friday (by car) to spend about three weeks in Virginia Beach. Our daughter and son-in-law are flying to China to bring back the baby boy they are adopting, and we will keep everything smooth at home by taking care of our four grandchildren for two weeks!  We are so excited for them to bring this child in to their lives and we are thrilled to have a new grandson! His name is Ryan and he is a year old and yes, adorable.

We will update the blog next week in Virginia.  (In the meantime we are meeting more friends for dinner tomorrow!)