February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014  Day 96  South for the Winter
The Marina at Ortega Landing
Jacksonville, FL

The best laid plans… as Dr. Seuss says (and we seem to be needing this quote again…)

“I’m sorry to say so but sadly it’s true that bang ups and hang ups can happen to you.”
We are more than overdue in updating the blog but with a good excuse.  Four days after our last post in January, Bill had a heart attack.  An emergency heart cath revealed two blocked arteries and Bill is now the owner of two stents.  He received excellent care at nearby St. Vincent’s Hospital and he is doing very well.  This was the first 911 call we have ever made and the response was immediate. We were grateful to be onboard the boat while we were docked, and not anchored out somewhere!

Then, in early February we drove to Virginia to attend the memorial service of our dear sister-in-law, Gennie Craig, who lost a courageous battle with cancer.  We miss her terribly!  We were in Virginia for almost two weeks, and Bill arranged appointments with our family doctor and also a cardiologist for follow-up care.  He had medications adjusted and is feeling great! We stayed with friends in Newport News an in Williamsburg while we were there and are so grateful for their hospitality.

It looks like we will remain at Ortega Landing until May.  Joyce’s surgery has been delayed until mid-March. In the meantime we have projects to keep us busy!  We also look forward to seeing Looper friends arrive on their boats as they began their journey north this spring!  We are enjoying the 70 degrees temperatures this week, knowing all too well what our families in the north and midwest are experiencing.