March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014  Day 133  South for the Winter
The Marina at Ortega Landing
Jacksonville, FL

We continue to spend our winter here at Ortega Landing until May 1st.  We were happy to have Bill’s brother Chuck and sister-in-law, Becky visit us in late February.  Their timing was perfect.  They joined us for the Mardi Gras party the marina hosted and brought us our masks and beads to wear! We had a fun evening. 

Decked out for Mardi Gras!
We were also happy to see Tom and Meliesa (on Journey Monk) when they arrived on their way north. More Loopers are arriving every week at Ortega Landing. Bob and Janet (Harmony) and Rick and Margi (Journey Power Cat) are here for a few weeks and we have enjoyed seeing them and catching up on old times!  We boated with these three couples last summer. 

Joyce had surgery at the Mayo Clinic on March 12 and has recovered nicely. Her only limitations are not to lift anything over five pounds. That has not been a problem!

Bill continues to work on his new hobby of bird carving and is doing well at it!  We also spend time reading, walking and tackling ongoing boat projects.   
Bill's curlew
We do have good news to share!  Our granddaughter, Abigail Joy Craig, was born February 20. We are so eager to hold Abby when we drive to Colorado to visit in June!

We will to update the blog again in April and once we are back on the water in May, we will return to daily updates.