June 1, 2012

May 31, 2012  Day 20                                  Total miles to date:  511.67

Carried Away meets The Lady!
Today was a highlight of our trip so far, as we had hoped.  We left Atlantic Highlands at 10:30 under a beautiful sunny sky and headed into the New York Harbor. Just before we crossed under the Verrazano Bridge, our three boats, Carried Away, Quest and Moor $tuff were met by police boats doing a Homeland Security check. They just wanted to know where we were headed and were very polite!  We continued on into the harbor and enjoyed the view: Manhattan skyscrapers, ferry boats, tall ships, tug boats, and of course The Lady!  It is such a memorable moment to see the Statue of Liberty in all her glory. She has stood there for 125 years and makes us proud to be Americans.  And right after we passed her we saw Ellis Island.  We headed to Newport Marina and what a view it offers! We were right across from the Freedom Tower and the financial  district of Manhattan. We could also see the Empire State Building from our boat.  The view comes with a price – the marina is greatly affected by all the boats passing by and we rocked terribly until about 8pm.
One of the Tall Ships
Police Boat
Barb & Skip are now Gold Loopers!
We had a shared dinner on board Quest, along with Moor $tuff, and Rickshaw.  Thank you Ricki for the delicious Crab Bisque! This was a celebration for Moor $tuff as they crossed their wake today passing under the Verrazano Bridge!  We were so excited to be able to see them complete their Loop.  Tomorrow we head north up the Hudson River!
Manhattan and Freedom Tower