July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012  Day 75   Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon    Total miles to date:  1400.2

Leaving the Buckhorn lock wall and trying
not to awaken the houseboats!
We left the Buckhorn Lock wall at 7am and had a calm ride on Buckhorn Lake and then Pigeon Lake! Very few boats out this early –and definitely not the house boats!
We arrived at the charming little town of Bobcaygeon, Ontario and found a spot on the lock wall. We spent a few hours wandering through the shops and even had a late breakfast there.  After leaving the lock wall, we continued on another mile to our marina, Centre Point Landing where we will spend the night. Marinas mean time to catch up on the blog, email, and laundry.

Our Time is a day ahead of us now, but Sarah and Joyce are on the phone each day. We will probably catch up with them this weekend.

This is a short update for today but we have finally captured the past few days on the blog.

Thanks for checking in with us. We continue to have a good time and marvel at the Canadian scenery.