July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012  Day 77           Kirkfield to Orillia       Total miles to date:  1459.7 

Yesterday may have been rainy but today was a beautiful sunny day as we headed out from our overnight stay on the Kirkfield lock wall to the town of Orillia. The thirty mile trip provided us with the diverse experience of being on an extremely narrow canal to a large lake!  You know the water is narrow and shallow when it is called Canal Lake. Then we went under a bridge called “Hole in the Wall”.  We went through five locks today, all locking down.

Lots of nice homes on the water!
Then we arrived at Lake Simcoe – what a change! We actually had water under us!  We enjoyed the lake as it was calm today and we could pick up the speed for a while.  We arrived at the Port of Orillia Marina around 2:00 and will stay here until Monday morning. Orillia is at the end of Lake Simcoe and is a larger city. We cooked dinner on the grill, talked with Sarah and Brooks on Our Time, and will get together with them for lunch Saturday. There is a Farmers Market and a festival Saturday, so we will check those out too!

No room to pass!
Hole in the Wall bridge

Entrance to Lake Simcoe