July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012  Day 79                 Orillia                 Total miles to date:  1459.7 

Today is our last day at the Port of Orillia Marina. We used it to catch up more chart plotting, laundry, and major grocery shopping. The store is about 2 blocks from the marina and we took advantage of that proximity and the fact that it was a big store.
We did cook the peameal bacon for a late breakfast and agree it was awesome! We skipped lunch and then had tortellini for dinner.

Sarah and Brooks, Our Time, came over after dinner to visit and to discuss our next trip which includes the Big Chute, the Marine Railway Car that will transport us 600 feet by using a sling under the boat and then put us back in the water.  We will do the Big Chute in the next few days – Tuesday if the weather holds.

We will not have wifi again for a few days – probably Friday, so we will catch up then.  By then we will have finished the 240 mile Trent Severn Waterway section of Canada and will be in the Georgian Bay!