August 20, 2012

August 15, 2012  Day 96  S. Benjamin Island   Total miles to date:  1758.8

Carried Away at
Little Current Town Docck
We met Ron and Lisa (Outbound) at 8:00 and had breakfast in a small café in Little Current as planned.  Then Bill went back to the boat to do engine room checks and get things ready to depart. Joyce stopped at the meat market which was closed yesterday and then made a quick trip to the local bakery. 

By 11:00 we said final goodbyes to Ron and Lisa (and dog, Gizmo) with plans to visit them in Florida next winter, and we are talking about doing the Down East Loop with them next summer. They helped us cast off our lines and then we were underway under a mostly sunny sky and calm sea for our 17 mile trip.
Trees can grow anywhere!
We planned to anchor around Croker Island but there was not enough room so we went over to South Benjamin Island at 1:45 and dropped anchor with 19 other boats that were there!  There were three other Looper boats there: Gold Loopers, Crawdad and Rangatira, both from Michigan and current Loopers Bama Belle from Alabama. They all stopped over on their dinghy to say hello.  This is a beautiful anchorage and many boaters took their dinghies to go ashore on the island.
At anchor on South Bejamin Island
Another lovely sunset
We cooked out on the grill and listened to repeated weather forecasts – winds are forecast at 20 knots tomorrow.  We will decide tomorrow whether we leave this spot or stay another day.