August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012  Day 103  Mackinaw City, MI  Total miles to date:  1916.1

At 6 am we made the decision to stay in Mackinaw City after hearing the marine forecast with waves of 6’ offshore on Lake Michigan.  It was just not a good idea to be out there. The forecast is similar throughout the weekend so we will stay here for a few more days.
Shopping at the Crossings!
We went out for breakfast, then Joyce went shopping with Barb and Gay and enjoyed browsing through the fifty plus shops that are within walking distance. Many shops are here for tourists but they were still fun to see.  We spent the afternoon getting caught up on logistics –changing our ATT plan back to the original status now that we are out of Canada; getting our Dish TV system reconnected, etc.                                      

There is a boater here that deserves mentioning.  Marsha is traveling alone on her sailboat, Resolute, to Chicago. We first met her in Waterford, NY and here she is on Lake Huron.  She is an amazing resourceful woman that knows no limits. She will have her sailboat shipped to Everett, Washington and then resume her sailing.
Docktails with Irish Attitude, Down Time, Hallelujah, Viking Star, Resolute, and Mary Frances IV
We were happy to see more Loopers arrive today at our marina and the city marina nearby: Mary Frances IV and Passport (both completed their loop this week), Down Time, and Viking Star.  Several of us met at 5:30 for docktails, and then we went to dinner with Hallelujah, Resolute, and Irish Attitude.