August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012  Day 108      Leland, MI                Total miles to date:  2081.5

This was a very busy, productive, and fun day. We began by going to breakfast in Northport.  Then we all walked to the hardware store to get the parts for the forward shower sump pump. 
By 9:15 we departed from Northport under a partly cloudy sky and once again calm seas!  That is two for Lake Michigan!  Once Bill backed us out of the slip he and Chuck decided the girls could take the helm so Becky and Joyce watched the autopilot for three hours of the four hour trip.
Leland Harbor
Leland Fishtown
Sun setting over Leland Harbor

Historic Fishtown
Fishtown - Historical Leland area

We arrived in Leland at 1:15 and had just docked and got everything connected when Bill announced that we had guests.  Greg and Sally Whitaker, Gold Loopers on Odyssey drove from their home in Eastern Michigan to visit us. We had traveled with them on the Rideau Canal from Ottawa to Smith Falls, Ontario.  It was wonderful to see them again!  What they thought was going to be a simple visit turned out to be a little more than that. Sally drove Joyce to a hair salon 10 miles away. While they were gone, Greg and Bill installed the new sump pump, new wiring and fixed another leak.  They were still working on it when the girls returned from the hair salon, so Joyce and Sally walked through many of the quaint shops in Leland. What a special little town with its fishing history!  After shopping we all visited a while on the sundeck then said good bye with deep gratitude to Greg and Sally for their kindness.  Our heroes of the day!  As all Loopers will say, the best part of the trip are the people you meet and the friendships you make.
We had a late dinner on board with Chuck and Becky, then walked around “Fishtown” and some of the shopping area to show Bill since he had missed it earlier. We also found an ice cream store. The remainder of the evening involved plotting the course for tomorrow to Frankfort, getting caught up on email, etc. Chuck and Becky are keeping an eye on the weather updates for Tropical Storm Isaac that is headed toward their home near Baton Rouge.