September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012  Day 125      Ottawa, IL      Total miles to date:  2517.0

We stayed at Heritage Harbor Marina in Ottawa as planned although the other three Looper boats headed out this morning. We used the day for (need we say all the laundry is done), reading, computer tasks, engine room chores (strainers cleaned), etc.  It was a chilly day that eventually turned to rain by 5pm and we were happy to stay in port.

Katie (with dog Reggie) and Jessie on Hydro Bikes
In mid-afternoon we heard voices calling us off the stern of our boat and looked out to find two Loopers pedaling on the Hydro Bikes that the marina has. Katie and Jessie (and dog Reggie) are on a 27 ft. sailboat, Louise, and began the Loop in Michigan.  They arrived today and stopped by to say hello to us. They are energetic and excited and are having fun as they are in the early part of their adventure!  We were very happy to meet them. They have already had their mast stepped and will pick it up in Mobile along with other sailors on the Loop.

We had dinner on board then finished the chart plotting for tomorrow’s very long journey to Peoria.  We hope to find space on the town wall because the marina near there is too shallow for our draft.