September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012  Day 130      Peoria, IL      Total miles to date:  2596.0

We are now on night #5 in Peoria!  I think we may have to start paying property tax here or at least change our voters’ registration.  Once again the Loopers who arrived yesterday (Attitude Changer and Bama Belle) departed this morning.  (Spending one night on the Peoria River Walk wall is normal). 

Joyce did more reading to pass the time.  She also walked five blocks to what she was told was a grocery store to find out it was less than a mini-mart.  She came back empty handed but at least got a little exercise. (There is a WalMart across the river. That means taking two city buses each way and she wasn’t sure it was worth it!)

Bill spent another day in the engine room with the Caterpillar mechanic who installed the new gasket.  The engine had to be taken apart so it is a long process.  We will definitely be here again tomorrow!  Once the engine is back together they have to put fluids in and run tests, etc… Bill is pleased with the expertise of the mechanic and the fact that he is meticulous.  We are now hoping to leave Thursday!

Joyce managed to get a roast in the crock pot before the work began this morning, so that made dinner easier.
We are posting a picture of the broken gasket – an obviously break in the center! 

Our blown gasket!

An Asian Carp hunter boat pulled into the dock this evening.
Notice the nets to protect the crew! They use bows to spear the fish!