October 20, 2012

Oct. 20, 2012   Days 161-162  Joe Wheeler State Park
                                                                          Total miles to date:  3349.7

Following Water Music
into the Wilson Lock
This is a two day post!  We had a good trip from Florence to Joe Wheeler State Park on Friday. Both the Wilson Lock and the Wheeler Lock were open and we entered with seven other boats with no waiting. We arrived here just after 12:30.  There were several Loopers here when we arrived and we all had a good time seeing each other. This is a beautiful setting for the Rendezvous and we are happy to be here.

We had appetizers with Laura and Ross on The Zone and Joy and Jim on Jim’s Joy.  We came back to the boat and had a late dinner on board.

Today we took the shuttle to Rogersville along with other Loopers. Rogersville has a quaint downtown and they were hosting a chili cook-off, car show, farmers market, music, etc.  We had a fun time.  We tasted six kinds of chili and submitted our votes!  Joyce went grocery shopping with Laura and Joy in the afternoon to provision the boat.  We came back to find that many more Loopers arrived! The marina is full!

Bill on banjo; Joel VanderWaal on guitar, Bob Duthie
enjoying the music and singing along!
Looking down our dock at Joe Wheeler
At 4:00, Joel and Debby (Water Music) came over.  Joel brought his guitar and he and Bill spent almost two hours jamming on the guitar and banjo. Bob (Katy Leigh) came over and joined them too.  Many Loopers gathered on the dock and seemed to enjoy their music! We visited with many of them afterwards, then came back and had dinner on board.                                     

The Rendezvous starts tomorrow afternoon and ends Wednesday. It is like old home week seeing so many people we have met along the way. There also Loopers here who are just beginning their journey – that was our status last May when we attended the spring Rendezvous in Norfolk!  Life is good.