October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012  Day 153    Green Turtle Bay      Total miles to date:  3100.33

Just a short post again this evening. Today was a work day.  Joyce did several loads of laundry on the boat and at the Laundromat here at the marina.  Bill cleaned many of the stains off the outside of the boat and worked on several other projects inside. Joyce borrowed a loaner car and went to the grocery store to get perishable items.  We are now fairly well provisioned!  The refrigerator and freezer are full.  Bill has also started plotting our course down the Tennessee River. We will head south on Sunday!

We were happy to see that Snow Cat Arrived. We had not seen them since Ottawa, IL.  They had been here earlier but left to go up the Cumberland River past Nashville and are just now returning.  We also met Don and Freya on The Last Resort. They had left their boat here for a few weeks while they went home to Canada and they have also just returned. We were happy to meet them!

We decided to stay here at Green Turtle Bay again tomorrow and get the final boat cleaning done. Then on Saturday we will make the 20 mile trip over to Kenlake Marina to see Tom and Linda (Raydiance) whom we have not seen since we were in Canada this summer.

We had dinner on the boat and spent the evening relaxing.  Work days on our boat are fairly typical when we are not traveling. It is just not as exciting to describe to all who read our blog!