October 28, 2012

October 28, 2012   Day 170
Grand Harbor Marina                         Total miles to date:  3395.2

Confederate Memorial
Many graves here
National Cemetery

We went to the Shiloh Battlefield as planned today and spent a memorable afternoon driving through the battlefields in which over 30,000 soldiers were killed on April 6 & 7, 1862.  This was the Civil War’s first major combat in the western theater.  We watched a movie at the visitor’s center that prepared us for the magnitude of the losses, and we borrowed a CD from Loopers on Muriel June that guided us as we drove through the site.  Stopping at Shiloh is a “must do” and we are glad we were able to see it although it is one of those places that you wish didn’t exist.

Speaking of Muriel June we were so surprised to see them today. We had not seen them since we were in Burlington, VT.  They are on their way back to Texas and will cross their wake when they reach Mobile.

When we returned from Shiloh, we talked briefly with Anita and Don on Limelight and Laura and Ross on The Zone. Both had arrived this afternoon while we were gone.  We will get together tomorrow. 

We will stay here one more day! There are high winds forecast, so we will keep the dock lines secure and hope to do some provisioning for the boat.