November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012    Day 185                             

Turner Marine, Mobile, AL
Total miles to date:  3855.3

Another milestone!  We have been on our trip exactly 6 months today. It is so hard to believe we are about at the half way point on the Loop!  It continues to be an amazing journey and we would not trade the experience for anything.

We did a few chores today and have many more things to accomplish tomorrow.  We also walked to the nearby West Marine store to pick up a couple of items.

Hilary, Jessie, and Joel
Bill and Joel (Water Music) had another jam session playing the banjo and guitar on our boat this afternoon. Katie and Jessie (Louise) and Bert and Hilary (Took the Plunge) also stopped by and joined in the fun.

We were able to celebrate Joyce’s birthday tonight at Felix’s with excellent seafood.  We were joined by five other couples: Joel & Debby (Water Music), Bert & Hilary (Took the Plunge), Don & Freya (The Last Resort), Ross & Laura (The Zone), and Bill & Joy (Proud Lady).  We had a wonderful evening!

Dinner at Felix's to celebrate Joyce's birthday
We decided to stay here in Mobile again tomorrow since high winds are forecast again.