November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012    Day 188                            

Anchor, Lower Prichard Long Point, Navarre, FL
Total miles to date:  3944.8

Coast Guard boat following us while 3 of them
were on our boat doing the inspection
Today was eventful!  We left the marina around 8:30 this morning saying goodbye to The Last Resort and headed east on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  We passed other Loopers: Betty L, Latitude Adjustment, Louise, and Truant on the way.  As soon as we crossed into Florida, we were immediately met by the Coast Guard.  They boarded our boat and spent about 20 minutes doing their safety check.  They were very friendly, professional, and courteous and everything went smoothly.  We had heard from many boaters that this is common and that sooner or later everyone is boarded, so we did expect it – and it will not likely be the last time!

We also saw many dolphins today and that is always a good thing. They continue to entertain us – if only they would slow down!

Sunset over Navarre
We anchored out near Navarre, FL after traveling 50 miles today.  At 4:45 pm, we took pictures of the first of many Florida sunsets that we will see!

We will head to another anchorage tomorrow.