January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013 Day 236
At anchor, Clearwater Beach, FL
Total miles to date: 4341.3

This is our third day at anchor here in Clearwater Beach. We just take the dinghy to shore when we want to walk, shop, or visit others! It has been warm and sunny - in low to mid 70’s most of the time. Today we were walking out on Pier 60 in bright sun and then left to walk down by the shops when a huge fog bank rolled in.  What a change!

Many pelicans here!
We went back out tonight and met Gay and Mike (Irish Attitude) for a steak dinner.  Then we stopped for ice cream (there are plenty of opportunities near the beach!)  We went back to their boat and watched the 1st quarter of the Sugar Bowl before heading back to our boat in the dinghy. A dinghy ride in the dark was interesting!  We only had a flashlight and it was still a little foggy, but we made it back safely once we got oriented!

Clearwater Beach taken from Pier 60
We will depart tomorrow morning and head to St. Petersburg and remain there until January 13.  Joyce’s sister and brother-in-law (Kathy and Paul) will meet us there on the 11th and travel with us down the coast for a week. We have some parts being delivered to us on Monday and need to get everything installed first!