January 26, 2013

January 25, 2013 Day 259
Anchor off Useppa Island, FL
Total miles to date: 4517.8

This was another beautiful day on the water. We left Punta Gorda at 10:15 and arrived at our anchorage off Useppa Island around 2:00.  Joyce and Linda spent time on the bow watching the dolphins. They never cease to amaze us. 

Dinner with tom and Linda (Raydiance)
at Cabbage Key Inn.  The walls and ceiling are lined with dollar bills.

Our anchorage was right across from Cabbage Key and we took the dinghy over for dinner to the Cabbage Key Inn.  One of its claims to fame is that Jimmy Buffet wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise here.  The restaurant also has about $70,000 in one dollar bills, signed by their donors, taped to the walls. 

Joyce and Linda took a walk on the nature trail and then walked up the look-out tower to watch the sunset. Bill and Tom enjoyed a beer while waiting for them.  Then we all enjoyed a very nice seafood dinner! We took the dinghy back to the boat glad that we had a full moon to guide us.

Tomorrow’s destination is Sanibel Island!

Friendly island!

Beautiful view from the top of the water tower!