January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013 Day 264

Legacy Harbour Marina, Fort Myers, FL
Total miles to date: 4560.6

Today was a mixed day of working, running errands, and visiting with other boaters.  We began by returning the rental car.   After that we spent time walking around the docks meeting more Loopers.  This is a very large marina and there are several loopers here – many are gold loopers. 

We also stopped at the marina office to extend our stay here for a full week.  They are going to be booked full this weekend but fortunately there is room for us.  It was very windy today and we were happy to be docked!  There were a few boats that arrived and one of the larger ones had to make three attempts to get into a slip.

Joyce spent time doing laundry and even made a return trip to the grocery store. Publix is just a short walk and is very convenient!  We had dinner on board and spent a quiet evening reading and watching television. If the weather cooperates tomorrow we will go to the Farmers Market in the morning and a potluck at the marina’s Tiki Bar for dinner. We do like this area!

Loved the sunset tonight with the clouds
in the background - this is the view from our boat!