February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013 Day 276
Indiantown Marina
Indiantown, FL
Total miles to date: 4736.4

Sunrise at our anchorage
We left our quiet anchorage at South Bay at 8:30 this morning and once again headed east on the Rim Route.  We had the water to ourselves!  We passed one trawler and saw a few fishing boats at anchor – and that was it for 33 miles!  

Although there are times when this route is too shallow to take, we had 7 ½ feet of water two miles before the Port Mayaca Lock and we had at least 10 feet the rest of the route.  When we arrived at the Port Mayaca Lock we were pleased to know that since the water level was high enough, both gates were open and we just had to drive through without locking. 

The bridge tender had to hand turn the bridge to open it for us
We arrived at the Indiantown Marina at 1:00 and tied up on their face dock.  We spent the afternoon on the boat getting a few things done and decided not to take the one mile walk into town.  We had dinner on board and made plans for tomorrow when we will complete our trip on the Okeechobee Waterway.

Love the motorcycle!
We have enjoyed seeing and photographing the wildlife and we continue to identify more birds!  We have enjoyed the peaceful surroundings of nature, complete with sunrises and sunsets. We are the intruders in these natural habitats, so when we see alligators, we know this is their home, and we are just observing and learning.

We will arrive in Stuart tomorrow and for the first time since last spring, we will be headed north.
This portion of the route actually joins the edge of the lake and is
shallow and narrow!