February 27, 2013

February 27, 2013 Day 292
New Smyrna Beach Municipal Marina
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Total miles to date: 4908.6

Today is Bill’s birthday!  We were finally able to celebrate by going out for dinner at the Dolphin View Restaurant, next to the marina.  Then we came back to the boat and had birthday cake. 

Prior to that, he spent most of the day in the engine room fixing the generator.  The culprit was a broken impeller on the water pump as he expected.  He spent an inordinate amount of time just getting to the broken part.  So many things had to be removed to gain access.  He will finish up tomorrow morning so we can leave by noon.
Joyce took the local transportation - a four person modified golf cart - to the grocery store (for birthday cake!). The service is free – you just call them and they pick you up!

A very playful dolphin stayed just beyond our boat quite a while this afternoon and Joyce tried to take pictures with some success.

Here he is!
Our children called Bill by conference call from Texas and Colorado to say Happy Birthday as we were walking back from the restaurant. He enjoyed talking to them and our grandchildren at the same time!