March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013 Day 294
St. Augustine Municipal Marina
St. Augustine, FL
Total miles to date: 4979.8

We had 58 miles to travel so we left our anchorage at 8:15 and headed north on the ICW on a chilly, partly cloudy day.  We passed Daytona, Ormond Beach, Flagler Beach, and the lovely Palm Coast.  Florida’s east coast seems to be flying by us.  We just can’t stop in every port (a good reason to return next year!).  We were in the Indian River, entered the Halifax River, and then the Mantanzas River.  The channel for the ICW was very narrow in places, and again with shoaling.  We saw a variety of homes, condominiums, and hotels. We passed under many bridges but only needed to have three open for us. 

This sailboat was anchored in the narrow channel
and we had to get past him!
Very little room to get through the L.B. Knox Bridge
with the work barge taking up much of the space
Upscale Condos at  Palm Coast
The Bridge of Lions
Our marina in St. Augustine is on the south side of the bridge
Carried Away docked in St. Augustine
We arrived in St. Augustine at 3:40 and docked in a very strong current at the marina. After we docked, checked in, and picked up our mail, we had dinner on board and started looking through all the tourist brochures we have collected!  We plan to stay here three nights and see as much as we can this weekend. We are happy to have Bill’s brother Chuck and his wife Becky return for a visit tomorrow.  (They traveled with us from Traverse City, MI to Chicago in September, so it is good to have them back if only for the weekend.)