March 11, 2013

March 10, 2013 Day 303
Amelia Island Yacht Basin
Fernandina Beach, FL
Total miles to date: 5083.3

After studying the current and tide, we left Jacksonville Landing at 12:45 and retraced our route up the St. Johns River to the ICW and then headed north up Sisters Creek.  We were happy to have the current with us! After we passed the industrial ports on the river, we were once again surrounded by marshland.  A sailboat was aground just off the channel and in spite of our effort to “wake” him, he was still stuck and would have to wait for the tide to change.
Sailboat aground just off the channel

We eventually reached the South Amelia River, which continuously twisted back and forth.  We could see the condos on the ocean front in the near distance.
The South Amelia River at low tide.
At high tide this would all be covered.

Even though it is Sunday, there are just a few boaters out today-mostly in small runabouts enjoying this sunny day.  We arrived at our marina at 5:10.  The dock master waited for us to arrive and helped us get us secured at the dock. He was also so kind to lend us a truck so we could go to Publix for provisioning.

We had dinner on board then went to Publix. On the way, we took a slight detour and drove to the historical district of Fernandina Beach.  It is a lovely town filled with shops and restaurants. We will go back tomorrow!