March 12, 2013

March 12, 2013 Day 305
At Anchor
Cumberland Island, GA
Total miles to date: 5094.0

Another milestone to celebrate - today marks ten months since we started the Loop.  We frequently have no idea what day it is, so to think we have been gone ten months is hard to believe.  We also added Georgia to our list of states of travel as we left Florida this afternoon.

We waited until 2:30 to leave the marina at Fernandina Beach. We have to be vigilant about watching the tide which is about six feet in this area.  We only had 10.7 miles to travel today so the late start was not a problem.  We had the current with us until we entered Cumberland Sound, and then we went from over 10 mph to 5.8 mph without changing the rpm! We did see a dolphin today before we left Florida waters!

We are anchored across from Cumberland Island, accessible only by boat.  Cumberland Island is the largest and most southern of Georgia’s barrier islands and extends over 17 miles.  Most visitors arrive by taking the Cumberland Ferry from St. Mary’s, Georgia.  

We will arrive by dinghy tomorrow and tour the island!  We will include a more complete description of the island’s history on the next blog.