March 30, 2013

March 29, 2013 Day 322
At Anchor
Church Creek off Wadlamaw River in SC
Total miles to date: 5334.6

Again, taking note of the tide, we left the marina in Beaufort at 8:35 under a sunny sky and immediately went under the 30’ swing bridge that crosses to Lady’s Island. (This is the bridge used in Forrest Gump.)

We were soon greeted by two F-18’s that fly out of the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort.  We continued up the Beaufort River, into Brickyard Creek and then entered the wide Coosaw River.  We passed St. Helena’s Sound with its inlet to the ocean. Next, the Ashepoo Cutoff – a narrow, shallow canal, which we were glad to enter at high tide.  We went up Rock Creek, the Ashepoo River, past Fenwick Island, then the South Edisto River – eventually through more cuts to the Dawho River, the North Edisto River, to the winding Wadlamaw River to our anchorage in Church Creek!   This was a 48.4 mile day. With current changes, we found our speed ranging from around 5 to over10.2 mph!
One of the lovely homes on the Beaufort River

There were very few boats out today. We passed two larger cruising yachts (they passed us), and only a handful of small boats.  Part of the scenery today reminded us of Georgia with its marshes lining the rivers on both sides.  Other areas had homes with very long docks along the shore.

We reached our planned destination at an anchorage at 3:15 – and shared the creek with one sailboat.  There are oyster beds that line the north shore of the creek and are quite prominent at low tide!
Oyster beds at our anchorage

We cooked out on the grill and then watched the movie, Les Miserables.

Sailboats always add to the intrigue of the sunset!
Tomorrow (Saturday) we will head to Charleston and stay there for two days.  We have been there before by car, but have many things we want to see!