June 23, 2013

June 23, 2013 Day 32  The Hudson River
The Hudson River Maritime Museum Dock
Kingston, NY

Day fourteen here in Kingston!  We spent more time cleaning and visiting with friends today. We mainly tried to stay cool. It was very hot today and our walk was a short one!

This sailboat stayed on our side of the bridge!
There was another constant parade of boats going up and down Rondout Creek today just like yesterday – a weekend on the water! A 60+ foot sailboat arrived today and we learned they are going to step the mast so they can take the Erie Canal also.

We had docktails with Loopers on Spiritus, Aurora, and Adagio. We grilled out tonight and then visited with Rick and Margi when they returned from their family visit this weekend.

We will stay here again tomorrow.  No updates on the Canal today, but we remain hopeful that we can move this week.  We stay in contact with Loopers in different places on the Hudson, and we are all eager to continue our journeys!