July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013 Day 43  The Hudson River
Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina
New Baltimore, NY


We hope everyone had a good 4th of July celebration today.  We shared it with many Loopers here at Shady Harbor Marina.  We had a big cookout/potluck this evening.  We also spent the afternoon just visiting with each other.  The marina has Adirondack chairs in the shade, so we sat there with a good view of the Hudson River and took advantage of the breeze!
Bill washed the boat this morning while Joyce went back to the grocery store with Gay and Margi for one last trip to provision.  Can we possibly need anything else?!

The marina staff decided not to have fireworks tonight because of the wind and the proximity to the boats.  We are getting everything ready to depart tomorrow. Our destination is Fort Edward, NY.  We call that progress. 

We will depart with four other Looper boats and one boat that is docked next to us. They brought their boat up from the Virgin Islands and are headed to Canada.  That makes our journey seem rather short!