August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013 Day 82   Cape George Bay
Ballantyne’s Cove Harbor Marina
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

What a day this has been!  We left Summerside, PEI at 6:30 this morning and traveled over 90 miles for 12 hours.  The first two hours were very rough with quartering seas at 4-5 feet.  We got tossed around, were driving into the sun, and were dodging lobster pots. Not a fun morning. As soon as we went under the Confederation Bridge and changed directions, things got better and continued to improve throughout the afternoon. We eventually had a smooth ride and enjoyed the view.  By 3:30 we had passed the end of Prince Edward Island on our port side. We also saw a few seals and a minke whale today while we were underway.
Cape George Lighthouse - our marina is just around
the point tucked in a beautiful cove

Carried Away and Outbound at Ballantyne's Cove Harbor Marina
We arrived at our destination, Ballantyne’s Cove Harbor at 6:40pm. It is a small marina in a beautiful setting with cliffs and trees. It is about 2 miles from the Cape George Lighthouse that we passed before we rounded the point and turned into the cove.  As soon as we got tied up, we went over to a little canteen and had a great fish dinner (haddock) with Ron and Lisa. We sat at one of their outdoor picnic tables.  Super casual but very good food and after 12 hours, no one wanted to cook!
We are finally in Nova Scotia, the last of the Canadian provinces that we will visit.  It is absolutely beautiful here!