August 28, 2013

August 27, 2013 Day 97  South Shore of Nova Scotia
At anchor, Port Mouton off Carters Beach
Nova Scotia, Canada

We departed Lunenburg at 7:00 and encountered fog shortly after we left the harbor.  Our quiet harbor turned into fairly rough seas when we turned into the ocean with 4-5 ft swells for about three hours.  The fog lifted about 10:00 and we could finally see Outbound. We knew where they were on radar – only ¼ mile from us.  By 11:00 the sun was shining and the seas had calmed down considerably.  We anchored by Carters Beach at Port Mouton in a beautiful setting with a beach, large rocks, Spectacle Island, coves, and trees all in striking colors.  We were surprised at how cold the water is!

Carters Beach
After lunch, Ron and Lisa picked Joyce up in their dinghy and we had a relaxing time walking on the beach playing with their dog Gizmo, and finding some interesting small shells.

A sunbathing seagull
at anchor
We had leftovers for dinner on board and spent the evening chart plotting and reading in this peaceful anchorage.

Outbound and the sunset