August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013 Day 75   
Baie Ste. Anne Fishermen’s Cooperative, LTD
Escuminac, New Brunswick, Canada

Today was another early departure.  We were off at 6:30 this morning to time the tide and current.  We left the Chaleur Bay and were back out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  We had to request one bridge opening near Shippagan.  We have not had to do that in quite a while!  For most of the ride, we had a cloudy sky but calm water. We eventually picked up some rollers on the beam, but we handled it well. 

We arrived at Escuminac at 2:00 and went straight to the fuel dock. This is not a marina, but more of a fishing wharf and is run by a Fishermen’s Cooperative.  The harbor is full of lobster boats!  They will start fishing for lobster on Friday, August 9, so we saw many working on their boats.  The boat behind us was having a large engine hoisted onto the boat by a crane.  The floating docks were full, so we tied up on the high wall (which we like since we can step right off the boat without a ladder!)  We love the atmosphere here with the lobster pots literally right off of our boat.  And, the price is right too!  We only had to pay $19.10 and that includes 15 amp electric (they call it hydro up here).
Lobster pots next to our boat
Many lobster boats in our harbor

Lobster buoys ready to go!
Bill likes it here!
We walked over to a seafood market and bought frozen lobster and shrimp to make a Newburg dish.  Then we visited with several local residents who stopped by to chat.  Since we are not a lobster boat, we stick out as being a transient.

We went to dinner with Ron and Lisa at the seafood restaurant (next to the seafood market) and had fried clams.  They were very good.  We came back and visited for a while on our boat and made plans for our trip tomorrow. We will go to Summerside which is on Prince Edward Island.  We will leave at 6:30 and travel about 70 miles.