September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013  Day 121  Casco Bay
Mooring Ball at Dolphin Marina
Harpswell, Maine

We had a full morning on the mooring ball in Bath, Maine waiting for the current and tide to be favorable, so Bill changed the engine oil and Joyce did some interior cleaning.  We waited until 2pm to leave, and along with Outbound went down the Kennebec River. It is a scenic river with many trees along the shore and a few islands popping up in the middle of the river.  

The Kennebec River
An hour and twenty minutes later we entered the Atlantic Ocean and headed southwest.  We were so happy to have another beautiful sunny, calm day to travel. We know we don’t always have these, so when we do, we are grateful. 
Lisa and Ron continued on to another destination 20 miles farther away, and we saw them eventually disappear on the horizon. We entered Casco Bay and went to Dolphin Marina and Restaurant, located on Basin Point in Harpswell, Maine. It is surrounded by small islands and is one of the most beautiful places we have been.  We had already arranged to have a mooring ball, and as we read in Active Captain, one of the staff (a “Launch Operator”) came out by skiff to meet us and actually handed us the mooring line!  Doesn’t get any easier than that!   

These homes are at the entrance to the Kennebec River
and overlook the ocean - what a view!

Check out these kayakers on this island
extending into the ocean!
A true island home!
A beautiful moon tonight!
Since it was already 5:30 and since we had read rave reviews about their restaurant, we decide to eat there.  It was one of the best seafood dinners we have ever had (they are known for their fish chowder, and rightly so.)  Their pan seared scallops were also fabulous.  The restaurant is on a slight hill above the marina, and has the most incredible panoramic view of the little islands that buffer the bay from the ocean.  When we were walking back to the dinghy we saw a huge orange moon rising – it really was a perfect evening.

Tomorrow we have a very short trip to South Freeport where we will probably stay two nights. We will go, as do many people, to LL Bean. Stay tuned!! 

We will take more pictures here before we leave and include them in tomorrow’s post.