October 12, 2013

October 12, 2013  Day 143   
Great Kills Yacht Club
Staten Island, New York

Just another short update on day seven here on Staten Island.  This was a windy – but finally a sunny day that reached about 70 degrees.

As planned, John picked us up at 10:00 and drove us to the appliance store to pick up our new microwave/convection oven.  We were back on the boat within an hour with our new appliance in hand.  A couple of boaters helped lift the box onto the boat and we were able to get it carried into the galley ourselves.  We are thrilled to have it installed!

We went to the yacht club’s annual event which they call “closing day”. There were about 200 people there which we thought was a lot, but were told on “opening day” in May they have at least 400!  There was an abundance of food (hamburgers, hotdogs, many salads, Manhattan clam chowder, beans, etc.,) that was served at 1:00.  At 3:30 they brought out more food – chicken, pulled pork, vegetables, etc..  We had a good time meeting many of the club members.  It is a good group of friendly people. The clubhouse was built in the late 1800’s and has an interesting history. It apparently served as a brothel and as a speakeasy at one time but has been a respectable yacht club for many years!

We came back to our boat around 4:30 and continued to do some research on ideas for spending the winter.

We are now thinking we might be able to depart here on Tuesday – or Wednesday at the latest.  We will continue to watch the reports of wave heights and wind.