October 16, 2013

October 15, 2013  Day 146   
Golden Nugget, Farley’s Marina
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Our day began as planned with an 0700 departure. The harbor was pretty calm for a change and the Lower Bay was also calm. Within an hour we reached Sandy Hook and began our turn south to follow the coastline off the Jersey shore.  

A beautiful sunrise on the Lower Bay
as we departed Staten Island
The waves were forecast for 3-4 feet with winds out of the east. We knew we would be taking them on our beam which is not good for our boat as it “rolls” side to side.  We had every bit of 3-4 feet waves for quite a while and were very uncomfortable.  Bill turned on the NOAA weather report about halfway and we then learned the waves were actually 4-5 feet – no surprise there.  We had things stowed very well, but books on shelves behind cupboard doors still came flying out in the salon!  Fortunately, nothing was broken!
Joyce had just reorganized all these books
 two days ago!
After 10 hours of this, Bill called Farley’s Marina at the Golden Nugget and checked on available space for us.  He decided we need a peaceful night and did not want to anchor, which meant listening to the generator.  So, at 5:15pm we arrived at the marina (there were about four or five boats arriving at the same time finding refuge at the end of the day.)  We also got changed and went to the Golden Nugget and chose one of many available restaurants to have dinner. 
Buoy coming ito Atlantic City

During dinner we discussed plans for Wednesday and decided to stay with the original decision and go to Cape May. It will be a five hour trip and should not be any worse than today. We will leave mid-morning as the waves are to improve during the day. We also have to make a fuel stop!

We came back to the boat after dinner and put away all the items on the floor and spent the rest of the evening watching TV and just relaxing. 
The Golden Nugget 

(Too tired to even write the blog so this is being written Wednesday morning.)