October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013  Day 148   
At anchor, Bohemia River
North end of Chesapeake Bay

Leaving the Cape May Canal
and the ferry boats
Today was another long day of 9 ½ hours. We left Cape May at 0700 and entered the Cape May Canal which leads to the entrance of the Delaware Bay.  The large ferry boats were docked there waiting for their busy passages to Lewes, DE.  We were glad they were not ready to leave just yet.  We traveled under a cloudy sky much of the day, but the Delaware Bay was calm!  We will take a gray calm day!

We timed our departure to have the current with us on the Delaware Bay. We had it with us most of the way and when we lost it we watched our speed drop to 6 ½ knots!  We left the Delaware Bay and entered the C&D Canal hoping to stop at Chesapeake City. We called the dock master and learned the city docks were full so we continued on to an anchorage in the scenic Bohemia River which is the northern Chesapeake Bay.
Passing port to port on the C&D Canal

The sun came out! The trees are starting to turn
colors on the Bohemia River where we  are anchored.
Bill decided to take a dinghy ride further up the river to Hacks Point where his grandfather kept his boat when Bill was a child. Joyce had dinner in the oven when he returned.
Moon over the Bohemia
We spent time planning the next few days. We have many miles to cover and are watching the weather forecast for the weekend. Our destination tomorrow is an anchorage on the Rhode River, south of Annapolis.