December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013  Day 27 South for the Winter
Lang’s Marina
St. Mary’s, Georgia

An early phone call to a marina in St. Mary’s to check fuel price and available space resulted in the decision to go there.  We left our anchorage near St. Simon’s at 8:15. By the time we arrived at Jekyll Island, the tide was out and we were in some skinny water. 

We picked up waves that were about two feet in St. Andrews Sound. This is also home to the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to six ballistic missile subs.  Their patrol boat kept an eye on all of us as we carefully kept a proper distance.  We also passed Cumberland Island where we anchored last year and toured the island.

We entered the winding St. Mary’s River and were soon at Lang’s Marina.  We went immediately to the fuel dock for fuel and a pump out. We then went to our assigned position on the face dock.  This is a fairly basic marina – no wifi, and the 50 amp breaker did not work so we had to contend with 30 amps. Joyce could not cook and do laundry at the same time!  The dock master is very friendly and helpful however.  The sailboat in front of us is also from Williamsburg – such a small world!

We may stay here another day and get some chores done or tour this little town.  If not we will enter the state of Florida!  We will check out all options in the morning!