December 8, 2013

December 6-7, 2013  Days 22-23    South for the Winter
Shelter Cove Marina
Hilton Head, South Carolina

We have been so busy we have not had time to write the blog!  We have been going non-stop visiting with family and friends.  On Friday we went back to Harbor Town for lunch with Kathy and Paul and also walked around some of the shops.  They convinced us to stay at the condo that evening so we could have more time to visit, so we agreed! We went back to the boat and packed a bag and then spent a fun evening with them. Rick also joined us for much of the evening.  Joyce had made a crab dip earlier in the day, so we enjoyed that with wine. Then we ordered a pizza and had it delivered. Great choice!  We finished our meal with pumpkin pie that Joyce also made that morning.

We returned to the boat on Saturday and moved Kathy and Paul’s things on the boat since they had to sign out of the condo that morning. We said goodbye to Rick and Marie as they planned to drive home that day.  At noon, we met Paul’s cousin Dottie and her husband Joe for lunch at Bistro 843. What a great restaurant!  After lunch everyone came back to our boat for an extended visit.  Then we all went to Dottie and Joe’s lovely home nearby at Shelter Cove. 

We finally returned to our boat and enjoyed dinner on board, followed by watching the Auburn–Missouri football game!  What a great game!  We also managed to open Christmas presents with Kathy and Paul during half time!  We stayed up and watched the Ohio State-Michigan State game but were so disappointed with that outcome!

We enjoyed watching this paddleboarder
and her dog in our marina!
Kathy and Paul will drive back to Atlanta tomorrow and we will depart for an anchorage about 56 miles south. We had a fabulous time here but we need to keep moving!