January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014  Day 60  South for the Winter
The Marina at Ortega Landing
Jacksonville, FL

The best laid plans… as Dr. Seuss says (and we have used this quote previously…)

“I’m sorry to say so but sadly it’s true that bang ups and hang ups can happen to you.”

We are just now updating our blog after a month’s delay.  We had a fabulous trip over the holidays visiting our family. It would only have been better if our son-in-law were with us and not overseas. But even then we did face time with him Christmas morning so he could watch the children open their gifts.  We spent a whole week in Texas with our daughter and four grandchildren, ages, 5, 7, 9, and 11! We welcomed in the New Year with Bill’s brother and family in Baton Rouge and had a wonderful time with them, including a visit to a WWII Museum and to a plantation.

We returned to Jacksonville on January 2 as planned and then started thinking about our journey south for the winter, including destinations along the way, and projects to do in the meantime.

And now it is January 13 and although our departure date was set for tomorrow, we will not be going any farther south this year.  We will stay here until sometime in April as Joyce will have surgery (probably in February). The recovery comes with a “no lifting more than 5 pounds” for six weeks, so we have decided that line and fender handling would not be a good thing.  We feel good about the decision to have the surgery here at the Mayo Clinic rather than be somewhere where options are not as good. It is also too soon to take Carried Away back to Virginia. 

In the meantime we are meeting lots of boaters who are also staying here for the winter. The marina has a beautiful clubhouse, hosts many activities, and has free laundry, a pool, etc.  We are happy here but will be even happier when warmer weather becomes constant.  We have seen quite a range of temperatures!

We will update the blog from time to time!  We are having overnight guests this week. (Gold Loopers Ricki and Carl (Quest) are arriving by car on Thursday, and we look forward to their visit!