May 2, 2014

April 30 – May 2, 2014  Days 3-5  Heading North!
At anchor, Church Creek, SC

On Wednesday, we left our anchorage at New Teakettle Creek (love the name!) and traveled eleven hours to reach an anchorage at Bull Island near Hilton Head. After traveling through a thunderstorm, we eventually arrived at our destination and actually spent a very quiet night at anchor.

On Thursday, we had a short, calm 4 hour drive and went to the Lady’s Island Marina. This is across the river from the historical town of Beaufort.  After 3 days at anchor we needed to get off the boat! We borrowed the marina’s courtesy car and went to Publix to provision our galley. We also got some laundry done. We found some Loopers there also. Randy and Sherri on Priorities are on their Californian, and before we all went to dinner we had them over for a visit. It is always fun to meet people on a boat like ours!  We had a nice seafood dinner at Dockside, a restaurant right behind the marina.

This morning, Friday, we left the marina and drove six hours to an anchorage in Church Creek, just south of Charleston, SC.   We had such a pleasant surprise when we heard the crew of Salt Shaker on the radio.  They are the former owners of our boat, and we enjoyed chatting with them on the radio!  It is such a small world. They are also anchored here with us.  We saw more boat traffic today than we have seen all week!  

Tomorrow we will continue our journey north!