July 18, 2014

July 16 - 17, 2014  Days 80-81  North End of the Chesapeake Bay!
North East River Yacht Club
North East River, MD

We spent Wednesday on the boat working on chores – they seem to regenerate themselves!

We left by car on Thursday morning for our day out.  We drove through the nearby town of Charlestown, MD to check out the location of the Wellwood Restaurant. We also stopped at their tiny post office to mail a package. 

Since we skipped breakfast, we had brunch in Avondale, PA at 10:30.  We were content to drive around – passing through small towns such as Oxford, and our favorite Chadds Ford, home of Andrew Wyeth.  It is also home of the Brandywine Battlefield, a battle we lost during the Revolutionary War.  Soon we were driving through Springfield, Delaware County where Bill lived as a child and teenager. We went past his house and also talked to a neighbor.

We decided to drive into Philadelphia to see the waterfront at Penn’s Landing on the Delaware River. We were quite surprised and impressed to see the changes and renovations that had been made since our last visit there a few years ago.  It was impressive. We spent time browsing through the Seaport Museum and could have spent a few more hours there!  Bill also talked to the Dockmaster at the marina. While he was doing that, Joyce spotted a Looper boat Sereanna.  We had not seen them in almost two years.  They were not on their boat, but good to know they were docked there.  Who knows, maybe we will venture there someday?

We left the harbor and headed to Downingtown to visit Bill’s Aunt Bette. We went to dinner and had a wonderful visit with her.  We returned to our boat at 9:45, calling this a very good day!