July 27, 2014

July 24 - 26, 2014  Days 88-90  Chesapeake Bay

At Anchor
Chester River, MD

We wanted to see more of the Chester River, so we pulled anchor at 1020 and went as far as Chestertown and anchored off the docks of the marina in the historic downtown.  They have a dinghy dock so we were in good shape to tour the area. (Once again, we have been here by car, but are quite happy to be approaching from the water this time.) Chestertown is quite charming and dates back to the 1600’s. It is also home to Washington College, founded in 1782.
One of many lovely historic homes in Chestertown
We spent two nights here, and enjoyed every bit of it. We walked round the downtown on Friday, had lunch at the wonderful Lemon Tree Restaurant, did a little shopping, checked out a couple of art galleries, and admired the architecture of the historic homes, buildings, and churches.  On Saturday we went to the popular Farmers Market and brought back the best sweet corn we have had yet, plus salad items and a few baked goods that were hard to resist.

We pulled anchor after lunch on Saturday and went back down the river to Langford Creek – another beautiful anchorage on the Chester River.  We keep finding places we would definitely return to next year! This new location would give us an earlier start on Sunday morning to head across the bay.
The Schooner Sultana is a replica of a Boston built merchant vessel
for the British Royal Navy 1768-1772
and is used for many educational purposes