August 6, 2014

August 4-6, 2014  Days 99-101  Chesapeake Bay
Higgins Yacht Yard
St. Michaels, MD

Waterman on the Wye River

At anchor on the scenic Dividing Creek
On Monday, we left our anchorage at Drum Point and cruised the remainder of the Wye River.  We finally anchored at the popular, but narrow Dividing Creek. We stayed near the entrance to the creek since there were a few boats there ahead of us.  We spotted eagles and hawks and enjoyed this scenic spot.

We left Tuesday morning and entered the Miles River which took us to the historical town of St. Michaels.  We stopped for fuel at St. Michaels Marina, and then docked at the nearby Higgins Yacht Yard.  As we were checking in we decided to spend two nights here. We have been to this lovely town at least six times by car, and always enjoy it here. There are many shops, restaurants, beautiful churches, bed and breakfasts, historic homes, and of course the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum which includes the Hooper Strait Lighthouse.  We toured it last time we were here and would encourage everyone to see it! We did make an important stop at the local grocery store to do provisioning!

We were so happy to connect with Walter and Gwen who are here on their sailboat, Salt Shaker.  We bought Carried Away from them! We had a nice visit on our boat and then went to dinner with them at the Town Dock. 

Two skipjacks, a buy boat, & a bateau in front of the
Hooper Strait Lighthouse at the Maritime Museum
On Wednesday, Joyce went browsing through most of the shops, and then got her hair cut at a nice salon.  Bill worked on his bird carving much of the day and finished his puffin.   We had dinner of artichoke linguine with chicken on board tonight and then prepared for our departure tomorrow morning to another anchorage on the Miles River.  

The Pride of Baltimore is visiting St. Michaels
Bill's latest carving - a cute puffin!