November 29, 2014

November 29, 2014  Day 8 South for Winter
At anchor
Pungo River, NC

We got underway at 0700 and headed back down the Alligator River. The water was like glass!  We arrived at the Alligator River Bridge at 0800 and were granted an immediate bridge opening. Two hours later we were in the Alligator River–Pungo River Canal, a narrow canal that is marshy and sparsely lined with trees.  We had the water to ourselves!  We saw one sailboat heading north and one or two fishing boats today.   This canal leads to the Pungo River on the south end. We chose an anchorage in Pungo Creek at 1510 and ended our travels for the day.

After we anchored we put up our little Christmas tree.  We found a spot on the sundeck and will enjoy the lights! We had a quick dinner of leftovers and relaxed for the evening.

We have another full day of travel tomorrow as we head to a marina in Oriental, NC