December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014  Day 10 South for Winter
Dudley’s Marina
Swansboro, NC

It is December! And yes, another good travel day – sunny sky and calm water again! We could get used to this. We left Whittaker Pointe Marina shortly after 0700 and by 0800 we were in the scenic Adams Creek.  We passed Morehead City by 1000 and were in Bogue Sound lined with homes on the west side of the ICW and with homes in the distance on the east side that faced the ocean. 

We were treated to seeing dolphins three times. We feel like we are actually getting further south each day. We also enjoy watching the pelicans swooping down for their catch.

We arrived in Swansboro, NC at 1:30 and docked at Dudley’s Marina after stopping at their fuel dock first. We are happy to find lower diesel prices than ever at $3.03/gallon!

Shortly after we got secured at our dock, our friends, Tom and Meleisa on Journey pulled in behind us. We had not seen them since last spring, so we had a good visit while we both got settled.  We will see them again in Florida in January.

Bill borrowed the courtesy car to go to the hardware store and Joyce washed the decks on the boat.  It was such a warm day and the boat needed washing!

We had pizza for dinner, did laundry and planned our route for the next few days. We have a long day tomorrow of 66 miles and four bridges we need to time for their openings.  Our destination is Carolina Beach.