December 14, 2014

December 14, 2014  Day 23 South for Winter
At Anchor
Cumberland Island, GA

This was a perfect cruising day – sunny, calm, warm, no boat wakes, lots of dolphins, and a fairly short day! We left Brunswick Landing just before 9:00 and were passing Jekyll Island by 10:10.  Forty five minutes later we were in St. Andrew sound and it was wonderfully calm.  We slowly cruised by the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay. There is always a patrol boat guarding this base. 

Shortly after that we arrived at our anchorage at Cumberland Island, joining a few other boats. We have anchored here twice before but did not go ashore this time.  We had hoped to see the wild horses that roam here, but were not so lucky!

We will not leave until 10:30 tomorrow morning. We need to wait for high tide, and we have a fairly short cruise that will take us to a free dock at Sisters Creek, near Jacksonville, Fl.   Yes, Florida!