January 4, 2015

January 4, 2015  Day 44 South for Winter
Loggerhead Marina
Vero Beach, FL

We did a final provisioning on Saturday and thanks to Steve for taking us to Publix. Steve is a fellow Californian owner who keeps his boat at Cocoa.  We also did some cleaning – which included the air-conditioner filters!

We left at 0835 this morning after a fond farewell to Kelly, one of the staff at the marina.  We had a sunny sky, low 80’s and moderate winds at 10-20, which were not a problem.  For quite a while we thought we had the water mostly to ourselves; then all the small boaters came out of nowhere on this Sunday afternoon!  They seemed to be enjoying this warm day!

We arrived at Loggerhead Marina at 3:15. This marina is in a beautiful gated golf course resort community.  We are tucked between two lovely large boats – a Fleming and a Viking!  We would definitely return someday!

We have been in touch with other Loopers today as they also head toward Ft. Myers.  We have decided to meet Bob and Janet (Harmony) at an anchorage near Stuart tomorrow afternoon rather than go into a marina.

We will get fuel here first thing in the morning and then head south for our 51 mile cruise.