April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015  Day 152 South for Winter
Palm Cove Marina
Jacksonville Beach, FL 

Monday was a mixed day of resting and provisioning. We walked a half mile to Publix and then took a taxi back to the marina. It started raining just as we arrived. We had a light dinner on board that evening still feeling the need to unwind and relax.

Joyce had a follow up appointment with her doctor at the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday. She will return again next winter for another check-up, but we were pleased with the visit.  We treated ourselves to a very nice dinner at Marker 32, which just happens to be next to the marina.  Our salads, seafood, and dessert were perfect!

Today was a very busy day. We started with a visit to the dentist to fix Bill’s broken filling.  An hour later Joyce got her hair cut (so important!). Then we stopped at Panera’s for a quick lunch, even though Bill’s jaw was still numb.  Next we walked to Walmart to get a few boat supplies.  We took a taxi back to the marina, our fifth taxi ride here since we arrived.  After we got things put away, we drove to the fuel dock and filled the fuel tanks and got a pump out.  We came back to our dock and had another light dinner, did some reading, did the laundry, and generally prepared for our departure tomorrow. 

This is our last night in Florida! We arrived in December and cruised down the east coast, crossed the Okeechobee, spent wonderful days on the west coast, made our first trip to the Keys, and then came back up the east coast, perhaps making a Florida loop?  Tomorrow we will depart early to avoid low tide and then anchor in Georgia!