May 6, 2015

May 6, 2015  Day 166 South for Winter
Dismal Swamp Visitors Center
South Mills, NC   

What a fun day!  The six boats unrafted and we left the Welcome Center at 8:00 heading north at 5 mph on the Dismal Swamp.

We arrived at the bridge at Deep Creek at 11:00 and then went immediately into the lock.  Robert, the well-known lock master, entertained us by blowing his conch shell.  He has quite the collection and is also a master story teller.  We had just started to lock down and he spotted Bill’s banjo on our sundeck and asked him to play. So, Bill set on the foredeck of our boat and Robert handled the stern lines for him!  
Music in the lock!

We exited the lock and then continued on the Elizabeth River, taking a slight detour to go to Top Rack Marina. They have the cheapest fuel in the entire area.  We also went inside to their deli and had great turkey Rueben sandwiches for lunch.

We decided to go to a marina instead of trying to find space on the free wall, so we called Waterside in Norfolk, VA and were happy they had room for us.  The Looper Rendezvous is in full swing there and we were excited to reunite with old friends and meet new ones.  We also joined in a birthday celebration for three of the Loopers!

Tomorrow we will go to a marina in Little Creek. Stay tuned!