July 3, 2015

July 2, 2015  Day 12  New York Summer 2015
Utsch’s Marina
Cape May, NJ

We left our anchorage at Reedy Island at sunrise to have the current with us.  It was the best decision although 0540 seemed awfully early.  We were cruising at 12 mph for over two hours. Then when the current changed, we still cruised at almost 9 mph.
Passing the nuclear power plant in early morning
 - notice the sunrise and calm water
Passed Ship John Shoal Lighthouse at 0722
When we left, the water was very calm in the Delaware River. When we reached the Delaware Bay, we started to pick up a little chop.    We were watching the storm on radar and could hear the thunder.

We entered the Cape May Canal at 1050 and by 1120, we arrived at Utsch’s Marina. We went directly to the fuel dock and filled the side tanks, in pouring down rain. We were both soaked, even with our good parkas.  We got to our slip and then waited a couple of hours for the rain to stop before checking in.  This is our fourth time to dock here!

Cape May is a lovely town in southernmost New Jersey on the Atlantic Ocean, with Victorian style homes, a boardwalk, a lighthouse, many restaurants, and more.  We will see more of it on Friday and Saturday. We plan to stay here three nights.

We cooked dinner on board and relaxed for the evening!